Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Problem in Playing Videos


A few days ago, The Droid Guy received an email regarding a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini video-related problem which reads:

“I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. When I make videos using its camera, those videos would not play on the phone and it shows a black screen with only a sound when I play it. Many times the phone would just shut down when the video is tapped or opened. On the other hand, if the video transfered to the phone via bluetooth or PC is played, it does perfectly without any problem. Please help me solve this problem.”

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S4 Mini Problem

This is definitely a very peculiar problem, and so far, there have been no discussions about this issue in other known Android sites. But my best bet about the factores causing this particular Galaxy S4 issue is either a glitch in its system or another app affecting the normal function of the video or camera app.

Possible Solutions of the Galaxy S4 Mini Problem

Here are the two possible solutions that you can apply to solve the problem:

1. Delete Any Suspicious App

Recall any app that you have installed prior to the occurence of the issue or look for any app that is suspicious in nature. Disable the particular app and observe if the problem occurs. If the issue no longer appears, then the app that you have disabled must be the culprit. Simply uninstall it for a quick fix. Note that testing your phone under Safe Mode can also help you determine if any third-party app is causing the trouble.

2. Perform a Factory Reset

If the phone still behaves that way under Safe Mode, then, you might want to consider performing a Factory Reset already. This will wipe all the data stored in your device as well as the changes that have been made in your system that may have caused the problem.

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