Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Screen Becomes Unresponsive

galaxy s3 mini screen problemsA problem wherein Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini’s screen becomes unresponsive is not actually common unlike connectivity- and email-related issues. However, we did receive emails from our readers complaining about it so we decided to go through it and provide troubleshooting procedures.

Here is one email sent by our reader that describes the problem well:

I don’t know if my problem is common or not but my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini seems to have some issues with its screen. It is not as responsive as before. There are times when it does not respond to my gestures totally that I have to do the same gesture over and over before a command is acknowledged.  

So my question is, how to fix a Galaxy S3 mini whose screen becomes unresponsive? 

I hope you can shed some light to this problem because I might not be the only that’s having this problem.

Possible Causes & Solutions

Third-party accessory causing the problem. While accessories can make our device look a little better, some may cause some problems instead. One accessory that may cause this issue is the screen protector. If the screen became unresponsive shortly after installing a new screen protector, you should consider buying a new protector that’s clearer and probably thinner and have a technician install it for you. Moreover, improper installation of the protector may also cause this problem.

Hands are wet or lotion was applied. Either you just washed your hands with water or sweaty, the screen naturally wouldn’t respond well. The same goes if you just applied lotion on them. Make sure you wipe your hands dry before using your phone to make sure the screen responds as expected.

Phone experienced physical trauma or liquid damage. If your phone experienced some kind of physical damage, the first component to act weird would be its display because it’s more fragile than any other components. The same thing would happen if you accidentally dropped your phone in the water; the display will be the first one to suffer. In this case, you should bring your phone to a technician and have it checked.

Third-party app is causing the problem. If the problem happens right after you installed a certain application either from the Play Store or through an .apk file, it is almost probable the application is causing the problem. Although uninstalling the app would definitely solve the problem, try clearing the cache and data of the app first to know if the procedure could remedy the problem.

Reboot phone. It is the simplest thing to do and more often it solves temporary device issues so it’s worth trying.

Factory reset phone. If all else fail, try bringing the phone back to its original setting, it might just solve the problem as well as its underlying causes.

Having problems with your phone?

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