Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders are disappointing

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders show that the supersized smartphone may not be received as warmly as previous models. The information comes from the Korean publication ET News, which cites unnamed insiders from the three wireless operators in Korea as its sources. Samsung, at this point, is still silent on the figures.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders

Still, it could be possible that the situation is only true in Samsung’s home country, where the device was opened for pre-order in the previous week. The South Korean market has been showing sluggish performance due to the government’s crackdown on smartphone subsidies. ET News says that the crackdown has reduced the scale of the smartphone market by as much as 20 to 30 percent. The release, however, of powerful devices could encourage activity in the market.

Samsung remains optimistic that the Galaxy Note 3 will perform better than the Galaxy S4, whose performance was also not deemed to be impressive. Prior to the release of the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s sales for the Galaxy S smartphone line had been doubling for the past few years.

Adding to the problem is the high retail price of the Galaxy Note 3. In South Korea, the phablet sells for KRW 1.067 million. This is higher than any of the prices of the devices released this year in such country, which ranged between KRW 800 to 900 million. Consumers, it appears, are showing reluctance towards more expensive devices, according to the same publication.

On the other hand, the poor performance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in terms of pre-orders in South Korea could be a preview of an overall weakness in a global scale. There had been talks of market saturation of high-end Android smartphones. The Galaxy Note 3’s high price may deter consumers from choosing it over other devices that have competitive specifications matched with more affordable prices.

Samsung is expected to announce the results of the third quarter sales in four weeks, however, which means that we will know soon enough whether their newest phablet is doing well in the market. Meanwhile, the company is busy today with the global rollout of the Galaxy Note 3 as well as the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

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