Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Phone Privacy Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Recently, we received an email from Yuche, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user which asks this question:

“Dear The Droid Guy,

Thanks for your two releases on curing the usb connection problem. It certainly helped. I want to ask you: How safe is one’s input on 3rd party keyboards I.e. touchpad keyboard especially when doing mobile banking from one’s device. Secondly, which mobile anti virus app is considered the best or top 3 at least?

Looking forward to hear from you.”

Effective Ways to Keep Your Galaxy Note 2 Phone Privacy

The technology used in the software of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may be complex, but there are many ways to exploit it using third-party tools or simply due to the carelessness of its user. To avoid such privacy issues, you must remember the following things:

1. Avoid Lending Your Phone

Most spyware apps with keyloggers or programs that can track the use of the mobile phone are installed this way. Usually, this is the method employed by parents, partners, spouses or employers in installing an Android tracking app. All it takes is to visit the source and download the tool manually which basically takes a few keystrokes upon borrowing the phone. Make sure that when someone else is operating your phone, you are there to see how he or she is using it.

2. Keep Away from Suspicious Sites

By simply accessing a site rigged with malware, a tracking software can be installed remotely. There is a huge number of malware now that are capable of infecting Android devices. So, if you are not familiar with a site or you find it suspicious in nature, avoid accessing it or keep yourself away from downloading its contents.

3. Install Reliable Antivirus or Anti-Malware Tools

So far, the most popular tools with good user feedbacks are AVG, Android Antivirus and Anti-Virus Security. However, these are not guaranteed to work on some tracking software.

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