Samsung expected to spend over $13 billion in marketing this year

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Part of the reason behind Samsung‘s massive success in the mobile industry is its marketing, apart from its stellar products of course. And its marketing budget could reach new heights this year as analyst Benedict Evans predicts Samsung Electronics to spend over $13 billion towards marketing its devices this year. This is a resounding figure for any company as most companies don’t even have a net value this big. But Samsung clearly wants to get the word out on its new devices – the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear¬†as much as possible. While the latter might really need some heavy convincing to lure customers, the Note 3 has already seen plenty of demand. Clearly, there’s no other company in the mobile industry apart from Samsung and Apple, which can afford to spend this big on marketing.

This budget includes the entire wing of Samsung Electronics, so it’s not just limited to smartphones. However, it goes without saying that a majority of its budget will be spent endorsing smartphone and mobile devices.

Source: @BenedictEvans (Twitter)

Via: Sam Mobile

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