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Samsung committed to making more smartwatches after the Galaxy Gear


The Galaxy Gear has had a mixed reception, with some saying the design is actually better than what Samsung is usually spewing out and others finding the smartwatch lacking any compelling features and coming with an insane price-tag.

Whatever the case, Samsung is committed to making more smartwatches in the near future, talking to Slashgear, the company said they will work on the Galaxy Gear brand as they do with their Android smartphones and will launch various versions for different users.

This means we may see larger screens, more powerful internals, one without the camera on the strap and other features removed or added. Samsung loves experimenting, but there is a point to be made about some of Samsung’s products like the Galaxy S4 Active and Zoom not really working for most users and making the niche audience look at alternatives.

The Galaxy Gear line will be improved every year is what Samsung is basically trying to say, this may be the prototype model in many respects. Samsung will want to gauge the market and see the reaction to the new smartwatch, considering the majority have flopped, it may be a little heartbreaking for the company selling seventy million smartphone units every quarter.

With Apple preparing to launch the iWatch sometime in 2014, Samsung will want to get their second generation Galaxy Gear out before the rising tide. The problem for Samsung is vision, they have developed a smaller smartphone rather than a smartwatch and we need to see true reasons for actually paying $299 for this device.

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