Samsung Admits Galaxy Gear ‘Lacks Something Special’


Along with many other smart watches, the Galaxy Gear has been expected for some time now, and while we all wait for manufacturers to put more emphasis into the wearable smart tech market in the near future, we’ve got to look at what today offers us, and to be quite frank, there really isn’t that much to offer.

Surprisingly, even Samsung has admitted that their new Galaxy Gear ‘lacks something special,’ and it seems that even they aren’t happy with the capabilities wearable tech can offer us right now.

According to Korea Times, a Samsung official has said specifically:

“We’ve acknowledged that our Gear lacks something special. With more investment for user interface and user experience, Samsung devices will be better in terms of customer satisfaction.”

Personally I don’t see the need for a smart watch right now, and I feel similarly to the Samsung Official above, but it’s clear Samsung has only just begun with the Smartwatch market.

It seems as if the Galaxy Gear was almost a test run to see if consumers were happy to purchase a smartwatch along with a smartphone, and according to Samsung, the Gear is  “receiving a warm response.”

There’s no doubt that we will see more smart watches in the future by Samsung, and competitors will of course jump in to try and get a bit of the action, but the question is- When will smart watches actually be worth it for us as a consumer?

It’s hard to say, but with the pace smartphone technology has evolved over the past decade, we could all be using Smart watches very, very soon.

Source: Engadget