Republic Wireless preparing to launch Moto X for $299 off contract


Republic Wireless is still taking potshot at US carriers, with a cheap no-contract service similar to what WIND Mobile and other small Canadian carriers offer, it has yet to fully be realised by Americans.

This may all change with their newest announcement, the Moto X launch on Republic Wireless. After a Reddit users spotted some convincing signs Republic Wireless were preparing to launch the device, RW put a silhouette image of the Moto X on their Google+ page.

It is exciting to have Republic Wireless with the Moto X, considering their lineup is rather small and low value. No major smartphones are available through the carrier, simply because they offer the phone for next to nothing compared to rivals.


The Moto X will be their flagship device and Republic Wireless will start the phone price off at $299 off contract, with $19/29 monthly payments for unlimited data, minutes and texts through the carriers odd hybrid WiFi service.

This is a big step against the competition, currently selling the Moto X off contract for $599 – 699 and on contract for around $129 – 199 with a two year contract costing the customer about $40 – 75 per month.

Republic Wireless still has a few hiccups with using the phone outside of a WiFi connection, considering Sprint’s 3G GSM wireless network is not that great and the hybrid technology may fail to work sometimes.

Still, if you want a cheap Moto X option and don’t mind the black or white versions, Republic Wireless may be the best shot – just remember not to stray too far from WiFi.

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