Republic Wireless May Launch Motorola DVX in October


Just a few days after getting the Moto X for $300 (to be released in November), pre-paid provider Republic Wireless seems to be getting another phone soon. This particular model is purportedly called the Motorola DVX, which will be even cheaper than the Moto X possible at sub-$200 prices.

Obviously, you have to cut corners somewhere in order to make the price that cheap. First of all, according to an FCC filing (updated since a few days ago), this phone will be 3G-only. Republic Wireless is based off Sprint’s network and they don’t have much LTE coverage yet, so that isn’t a total loss (for now). This phone will also probably built in China instead of the United States, to cut manufacturing costs down.

The DVX will also most likely lack the customizability options the Moto X has (which are still, for some reason, limited to AT&T). This looks like it’ll be a good phone, though, for pre-paid customers. Now if you’re on Republic Wireless (or thinking of switching), will you be getting this phone or will you wait for the Moto X?

Via: Android Police