Quasar IV Project Aims To Be The World’s First Self-Authenticated Cipherphone

Smartphones have become an important tool for almost everyone today. This device is not only used for communications but is also used to store data such as contacts, banking details, credit card account, and other personal information. It has become an indispensable tool that securing it is the top most concern of everyone.

Today’s digital world has made life much easier however there are also dangers lurking in the corner in the form of cybercrime. Data shows that in the past 5 years more than 27 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft while 73% of all Americans have experienced cybercrime. Every time a person tries to access a website, places a phone call, or sends an email exposes them to digital attacks.

QSAlpha wants to make sure that your data is fully protected by recently launching the Quasar IV project over at Indiegogo. Quasar IV is described by the company as “the world’s first self-authenticated cipherphone designed to protect your digital identity.”

So what makes this device different from other Android smartphones equipped with security software? Quasar IV uses self-authentication verification to safeguard its user’s identity. Data that comes in and goes out of the device is protected by an authentication technology. This allows for emails, calls, text messages, an even cloud storage to be secure. The user’s private identity key is encrypted in the hardware making unauthorized access very difficult. The self-authenticated asymmetric encryption technology called Quantrix first verifies the identity of other Quasar IV users before information is sent. Quasar IV runs on QuaOS which is a fusion of Android, Linux and the Quatrix encryption software.

Technical Specifications

  • Unique digital signature and key computation methodology to protect your digital identity
  • Quad-core 2.3GHz CPU, 3GB RAM, 64/128GB encrypted local storage and 128GB encrypted cloud storage
  • Dual rear cameras for advanced augmented reality applications
  • Android OS with an encryption layer
  • Open SDK for the developer community
  • Dual LTE with support for 3G and GSM networks

quasar iv

This device is perfect for people who regularly do e-commerce transactions over mobile phones. It’s also great for individuals who value their privacy and want to make sure that no one is eavesdropping or accessing their personal data.

Steve Chao, founder and CEO of QSAlpha “Anytime people exchange data through their smartphones, they take a risk. Unsecured mobile data and applications are the biggest dangers facing the digital world today. Quasar IV and the Quatrix technology are capable of solving this massive problem, protecting users from identity thieves, intruders, even uninvited surveillance. We’re confident that the Quasar IV cipherphone addresses the needs of the mass market for ultra-strong security, which is why we’ve initiated this crowdfunding campaign.”

Those who wish to support this project can head out over to Indiegogo and make a contribution. The goal is to reach $3,200,000 in 30 days. A $495 contribution ($295 below retail price) will allow you to own a 64 GB edition of the Quasar IV with an estimated delivery date of April 2014.

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