Pressy hits $500k on Kickstarter with 28 days to go


With more Android manufacturers removing or changing the physical buttons on their smartphone, Pressy is a new idea on how to reach all the important apps with one or two clicks.

The Kickstarter has shown the want from Android users for more physical keys. Pressy fits inside the headphone port and users can click the top to perform multiple actions, including opening the camera, sending a message, phoning a friend and opening an app.

Users can set up Pressy to understand longer presses and two/three quick presses and will perform different actions depending on the pattern. This could be useful for users who remember codes to easily get onto apps and perform actions.

With twenty eight days still to go, Pressy has already surpassed its earliest pledge of $40,000 by a ten fold, hitting over $500,000 and marching forward. This could be another $1 million Kickstarter and we would not be surprised if it passed this in the next week.

The Kickstarter has gained one significant $10,000 backer for the API, a large VoIP client that will integrate with Pressy. With the speed of this Kickstarter, we can see more Android developers try to grab the API from the developers, in a bid to gain more users.

Kickstarter has been the birthplace of a few small gadget experiments, including Pebble the smartwatch, Ouya the Android gaming console and it has been the birthplace of modern 3D printers, with four Kickstarters hitting hundreds of thousands for their 3D printer.

Pressy is still only $17 and with the button the developers offer the app out for free. This is a solid deal for anyone wanting a camera button or multiple button presses instead of opening apps/folders to find something.