Pre-orders for Galaxy Gear on AT&T start tomorrow


Samsung has two big products coming to the US this month, the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 3. Arguably the latter is the more important, considering the Galaxy Note 3 has already sold over 38 million units worldwide.

The Galaxy Gear looks like Samsung’s prototype smartwatch, a test to see how well it will do in the world. Samsung’s CEO JK Shin has projected every 2-3 Galaxy Gear for every 10 Galaxy Note 3 sales.

We can see people picking up the Galaxy Gear but not in droves, the smartwatch world is still quite new to most and the Galaxy Gear did not pick up enough news coverage to really cement the idea into the minds of consumers.

Samsung may not have full vision on the smartwatch idea yet, Pebble was a good investment because it had fitness, alarm and notification apps, the Galaxy Gear on the other hand comes with eBay and Path, two odd smartwatch apps.

Even if the Galaxy Gear does not pick up when it hits AT&T pre-orders tomorrow, according to a new rumor Samsung will have the Galaxy Gear 2 at CES 2014 in January, with new specs and features.

AT&T will be stocking the Galaxy Gear at $299 on pre-order and will bundle it with the Galaxy Note 3. We will wait to see if Samsung pulls it off and if they do not, how long it will be until they drop the price of the smartwatch.


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