PPL Connect Allows You To Access Your Smartphone From Any Device

Don’t you just hate it when your smartphone has a short battery life? Or how expensive it is to use when you travel? Or even how you are not able to access it from any other device? PPL Connect aims to solve these three issues by allowing you to access your smartphone from any other device easily.

Think of PPL Connect as a virtual smartphone. You will be able to access your smartphone from any web-enabled device thus making it more flexible. The concept behind this technology is that your smartphone is recreated on the cloud which allows you to log-in to it from anywhere. You will be able to make and receive calls and text messages or even access the photos and videos stored in your phone from any device. The best part of this all is that your smartphone does not need to be turned on for this to work.

PPL Connect is currently in private beta for the Android platform with the official app coming soon. The app allows your smartphone to communicate with the Amazon cloud service. This cloud service acts as a storage solution for your smartphone data as well as a VoIP relay station for calls and texts. Right now only photos, videos, contacts, calls and texts functions are being handled but the plan is for the service to totally replicate the functions of your smartphone.

PPL Connect has taken several precautions to ensure that the security and privacy of each user is protected. All communications to and from the server are being encrypted and right now the company is developing a fully encrypted system where data can only be accessed using a single user-owned key.

This service will soon be launched free with a still to be determined cloud storage capacity size. If consumers need more online storage space then a certain fee will be charged depending on the needed capacity.

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