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Possible HTC tablet spotted in the wild

HTC One Tablet

A new image has revealed a possible HTC tablet, bearing close resemblance to the HTC One. There has been talk of an HTC tablet for quite some time now, so this could well be it. We don’t see an HTC logo on the screen though, which is strange since the HTC One and the One Mini have it. We’re awaiting the launch of the HTC One Max phablet this month, which could compete directly with the Galaxy Note 3. However, a decent sized HTC tablet with the design of the One will be something to look forward to.

HTC hasn’t had a great 2013 so far after poor earnings were reported by the company in Q2. And the only way to change the dismal performance is to bring in more devices catering to the specific needs of the people. If HTC goes ahead and launches a 7 inch tablet in the market, we might see the likes of the LG G Pad 8.3 and the new Nexus 7, taking some serious competition. Pricing will be key, and if HTC goes with premium materials like on the One and the One Mini, the price might not be as attractive as other competitive Android tablets.

Source: Weibo (Chinese)

Via: Talk Android

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