Plants vs Zombies 2 to arrive in China soon


Plants vs Zombies 2 has been on iOS for a while now, but there is still no Android release date in sight. Popcap have been very discreet about when and where the game would be coming, but news says China will get it first on Android.

Just a few weeks ago, China hit back at Plants vs Zombies 2, because apparently Popcap had made the version significantly harder, forcing Chinese players to buy into the micro-transactions program to advance levels.

Popcap decided to make the sequel to the first Plants vs Zombies free to play instead of adding a price to the game. This caused mild controversy, considering Popcap is a subsidiary of EA and people seem very against policies and ideas of that company.

According to some rumors, Popcap is developing the Android Plants vs Zombies 2 game for China sometime in the coming weeks. This will not be available on the Google Play store, as China does not allow Google services inside the country.

If the Chinese version is close, it can only mean Popcap are relatively close to finishing development on the Android version and it should make its way to Android’s Google Play Store before too long.

Plants vs Zombies 2 hit 25 million downloads on iOS in the first week, blasting through other records set by similar games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Candy Crush. This could be doubled or even tripled with Android compatibility, as we have seen with apps like Instagram.