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Phonebloks is a new smartphone made of detachable blocks


Two days ago, Dave Hakkens, a designer from the Netherlands, posted a video on YouTube and a crowd-speaking campaign on Thunderclap, showing a new idea on how to make smartphones reusable and sustainable, similar to how users upgrade a PC.

The campaign, called Phonebloks, is designed to make every part of the smartphone visible on the back of the phone and completely detachable. This allows users to go in and change a part once it becomes broken or if they want to upgrade.

All parts are detachable and the user is able to create the phone that is right for them. Essentially parts can be bigger the more the user wants them, if they want a 41MP camera, they add it in but have to change the rest of the parts to reflect the large sensor.

We are not sure how integrated this DIY idea will be if Phonebloks actually succeeds, but the general idea is the user can go onto the Phonebloks website, purchase a certain piece and then it is shipped and the user can unscrew the back of the phone and place the part.

Obviously for people who do not want to tamper with the open smartphone, Phonebloks will provide ways to send the phone back and get it redone, we are guessing. The idea is to make electronic waste smaller and make a phone last for longer than two years.

The idea is one of the most forward thinking we have seen in recent years, but unlike the Ubuntu Edge, another great concept that failed to meet its goal, Phonebloks has already surpassed its social media exposure goal and will begin to find partners and investors.

The end plan is to have different manufacturers work with Phonebloks to create pieces designed for the smartphone board. Phonebloks will issue phones out through the website and users will be able to pay per part, not pay to get the phone repaired or upgrade to a new device.

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