The Phablet May Define What is the Ideal Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The phablet will define what is the ideal Android phone. I can hear the shrieks of horror already. These ungainly 5.3-inch or larger smartphones, labeled phone tablets, must surely be a niche market product. I mean, who wants to hold a platter to their ear? Think what you might, Samsung has sold over 30 million Samsung Galaxy Note II’s. That is three times more than the 10 million first generation Galaxy Note’s sold.

Disbelievers, mainly other Android manufacturers are now shaking their heads, as Samsung laughs its way to the bank. Disbelief in the phablet, gave Samsung a two year window in the market where it was not challenged. It is only this year that other Android manufacturers are entering the phablet market in full force.

The 30 million Galaxy Note II sales figure is pretty significant. I do not have Android sales figures for the current quarter yet. Using figures provided by Gartner from the last quarter of 2012 to the second quarter of this year, a bit over 478.8 million Android smartphones have been sold. Extrapolating a bit, over 700 million Android smartphones have been sold during the period that the Samsung Galaxy Note II has been in the market.

Basically, 1 in 23 Android sold was a Samsung Galaxy Note II. That is a little bit over 4% of all Android sales for the period. That figure is significant when you consider that the Galaxy Note is Samsung’s most expensive product. This year, with everyone entering the phablet market, you will find low cost phablets starting at over US$100. I would not care to estimate what proportion of Android sales will be phablets.

Being one of those Samsung Galaxy Note naysayers, I am shocked. For someone interested in tech, I was terribly myopic. Maybe, it is because I do not use a tablet, so I have never felt the burden of having to carry a smartphone and a tablet. Still, how could I have failed to realize that browsing the web, visiting my favorite social networks, viewing and editing photos, scribbling notes and watching YouTube video’s is best done in 5.7-inches Full HD?

For those wondering when the next big innovation in mobile is coming, it is already here.


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  1. I’m still giving this a lot of thought, and of course, it depends on how you live and work when on the go, but for the clothes I typically wear, a Note II or 3 is too large to carry without some sort of pouch or pack (I don’t always take a jacket with me if the weather is warm).

    The sling pack I typically use is actually designed to carry a phone and a tablet, so for me the two device option is still preferable.

    But, you can’t argue with sales! I think we’re in the minority here 🙂

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