Paranoid Android Announces Android KitKat Plans

One of the best things about the Android is that it is highly customizable. This is why the stock ROM of a device can be replaced with any custom ROM such as CyanogenMod, MIUI, or Paranoid Android to name a few. This allows the user interface to feel different and even adds a few extra features not present with the stock ROM.

Speaking of Paranoid Android (PA), its developers have just released a roadmap detailing their next release. Their plan right now is to focus more on in-house development and support fewer devices. This ensures that the devices that are going to be compatible with PA get the most support rather than a limited support for many devices.

“We will end that old model where developers are positioned on X devices to produce low quality roms. It does not matter how good you are and how many bootloaders you have cracked – there will always be things outside your scope. Therefore the entire PA family will support single devices, all our combined skills will come together for something truly awesome. Ports will still exist and we will continue to help out, create branches for that, etc., but official PA will be on a couple of devices that we announce later. Nexus 5 will be one of them of course. Currently supported devices have nothing to fear – we’ll place it into capable hands, don’t worry”

Other changes are also coming for PA listed below.

Paranoid Android will be rebuilt from scratch. The developers want to focus right now on modular design and clean features. Before a ROM gets released it is going to be stable, fast, and perfect.

There will be new features coming in 2014. Right now the features are still concepts that have yet to be decided on. It will however make a big impact comparable to Hybrid, Pie controls, and Halo.

Most new features will be developed in-house rather than being modified work from other developers.

The new Paranoid Android user experience will be as close to stock Android as possible.

One other important plan is to make PA easy to install on devices. It’s going to be designed in such a way that the average Android user can easily understand how to get it into their device without having to rely on command line tools.

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