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Ouya CEO hits back at controversy surrounding Free The Games Fund


Ouya’s Free The Games fund started a few months ago, this was created to fund indie developers on Kickstarter through the $1 million in funding Ouya had acquired. The two rules were the game had to be exclusive to the Ouya console and it had to raise over $50,000.

If the Kickstarter succeeds, Ouya would match the funding and pay in three parts, first when the game finishes its Kickstarter, second when it is on the Ouya game-store and third when it has ended its exclusivity, after six months.

The Free The Games fund has been hit with major controversy, with some developers finding the idea of this fund against the ideas Ouya claims to live by, openness and indies. The problem is Ouya wants the developers to enclose their game on Ouya for six months and considering some developers have made less than $500 on the Ouya console, it doesn’t look like a bursting market.

They also need developers to make $50,000 from the game they are Kickstarting, a large amount of an indie developers with almost no funds for advertisement and limited scope on Kickstarter. Some decent games don’t reach more than $10,000 simply because the developers know their funding limits and their scope.

With the Ouya platform currently boggled with a few good games and almost no revenue, it would have been better for Ouya to offer the funding to any project and they could keep the exclusivity, even though it goes against the “openness” Ouya goes on about.

Julie Uhrman has claimed the Free The Games fund is exactly what is says on the tin, but to some developers it is a shifty system and one Ouya does not really want to go into details about – leading many indies to go against Ouya.


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