Ouya addresses problems with Free The Games Fund


Free The Games Fund has been hit with quite a bit of controversy, between the fact Ouya is locking in developers on a six month exclusivity contract to the fact some Kickstarters have mislead buyers into believing their game is well liked by the community.

Ouya has addressed some of these problems by lowering the entry price to $10,000 on Kickstarter and shortened the exclusivity period for games on Ouya, allowing the developer to get started quickly on a PC/console version.

This move needed to happen for Free The Games Fund to be successful, with most of the early Kickstarters suspended due to average payments of around $1,000, it has brought a bad light on the program and how it deals with business.

With the lowered amount to get onto the project, where Ouya will match the funding on Kickstarter to help the game out through the development stages, we may see more interesting indie titles crop up on Ouya, without the need to fraud their way onto the program.

The lowered exclusivity time is also a great thing for developers, if their game does not do well on the platform financially, they can begin creating a PC version to add onto Steam and may be able to contact console manufacturers about partnerships.

All this is great for Ouya reputation and will make indies feel more safe with their investment into the Ouya console. Some developers have said Ouya is no place for money, with some games earning $500 over the course of six months, but others like TowerFall have gained a good chunk of revenue from the service.