NVIDIA Tegra Note Stops by FCC Revealing More Specs

Barely a week ago, leaked images and details of NVIDIA’s Tegra Tablet passing through a Taiwanese device certification site was the final confirmation that the popular chip and graphics modules maker may be venturing fully into the retail market with a new 7 inch tablet running on their most recent family of processors – Tegra 4.  NVIDIA has not really been manufacturing devices, but the NVIDIA Tegra Shield, the company’s first tablet and also one of the few Android Tablets designed for gaming, is what thrust the company name into the dais of Tablet manufacturers.

NVIDIA Tegra Note Tablet

Clear images of NVIDIA’s Tegra Note 7 inch tablet leaked and were published a couple of days ago and today, we get to know that NVIDIA’s new baby will certainly be coming to the US market as the device made a stop at FCC today.  This could be a sign that the company is looking to venture into the smartphone and tablets market to claim a portion of the tablet market.  Today, we get to know the most important specs of NVIDIA’s tablet, and it is quite an impressive device.

The specs

NVIDIA’s Tegra Note is still the same device that was leaked named NVIDIA Tegra Tab.  Apparently, the device has both two names at the moment, we are not sure which name the device will end up with or the manufacturer intends to release two models – an NVIDIA Tegra Tab and NVIDIA Tegra Note with slightly different hardware or software features.  For now, we know it’s a single device and here are its core specs according to documents supplied to FCC.

Operating System: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

Processor: 1.8 GHz Tegra 4 (A new variant)

Display: 7 inch 1280x736p IPS screen

Memory: 2GB RAM, unknown internal memory but with a microSD card slot (Premium models only)

Cameras: 5 megapixels rear with AutoFocus, HD front cameras

Battery: 3200 or 4100 mAh

Others: MicroUSB, 3.5mm audio jack, microHDMI

The tablet comes with stylus support, a protective smart cover (shell) that is foldable in three dimensions just like iPad’s, dual front speakers (just like HTC One) and it has no physical navigational buttons on the front, just sides.

This document doesn’t reveal all the details of the tablet but from what we can see, this is very likely a mid-range tablet designed for affordability and possibly to reach as many buyers as possible as the company possibly prepares for bigger things ahead.  There are many mini-tablets in the market today, especially devices running on Android, and NVIDIA will not have a smooth landing in a market dominated by such names as Samsung Galaxy and, ASUS Nexus.

NVIDIA Tegra Note

Interestingly, NVIDIA seems to be drifting further back in the processor competition, letting Qualcomm have most of the fun.  This tablet, and possibly other devices to follow, could be NVIDIA’s way to make a fairly-priced gaming tablet to further prove that its tablets are better at that, but we cannot know till we know more about the NVIDIA Tegra Note or Tab.  The specs are at this point not surprising, so the specific details of the processor (and graphics) or software could be what will make the tablet a big success.

Pricing and availability details are still unknown but the tablet could be announced during the 2013 IFA in Berlin.

Source: FCC via Slash Gear Images courtesy of ChinaDIY.com.cn