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Nokia has already made 10,000 Android running prototypes

Nokia Android Lumia

A new report states that Nokia has already prepared about 10,000 prototype smartphones running on the Android platform. This report might be inconsequential now with the Microsoft acquisition, but it’s evident that even Nokia wasn’t sure about its fate with Windows Phone 7 and now 8. This prototype was apparently manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Foxconn. It is claimed Nokia’s Beijing R&D team is still working on these prototypes and will only ditch the project after the Microsoft deal goes through.

This smartphone apparently was running on the relatively older Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 200 8225Q chipset as this plan has been in motion for quite some time now. There’s no word on other hardware features of this alleged prototype. It’s been talked about for quite some time now, but with Microsoft’s influence growing on Nokia, this was always going to take the back seat. So don’t expect to see a Nokia Android smartphone anytime soon. But if the Nokia/Microsoft deal doesn’t go through, we can be hopeful of seeing this new smartphone coming to life.

Source: CTech (Translated)

Via: Unwired View 

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