NFC File Transfer On Sony Xperia Z Not Working [Troubleshooting Guide]

xperia z nfcWe have received emails from our readers suggesting the NFC file transfer function on their Sony Xperia  Z smartphone is not working. For those who are not familiar with the feature, the problem might pose some challenges. However, troubleshooting it requires straightforward procedures and that’s what I’m going to present in this post. In case you are one of the owners experiencing this problem, here are the things you should do:

Enable NFC and Android Beam. When transferring a file from one phone to another using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, it is required that both devices have necessary hardware and software to execute it, otherwise, all your efforts would be wasted. To turn on the NFC function, go to Settings > More > the mark the NFC checkbox. To turn on Android Beam, go to Settings > More > Android Beam > tap switch from off to on.

Hold phones next to each other. This makes sure both device are within NFC detection and scanning range. When the phones connect using NFC, they both vibrate and the file transfer starts. The location of the NFC detection area in a phone can vary depending on the phone. You can swipe an NFC tag against the back of your phone to detect where the NFC detector is located.

Use the right apps during transfer. When transferring a photo to another device, you should use the Album application, otherwise the transfer wouldn’t push through. The same goes in sharing music files; you should use the Xperia Walkman player. While there are other apps from the Play Store that could also trigger transfer files from your Xperia Z to another NFC-enabled device, both the Album and Xperia Walkman come pre-installed on your phone. So, for the sake of practicality, use them.

Go to Home screen when receiving. In case you’re the one receiving a file from another device, make sure you are on the Home screen during the transfer or it won’t go through. Navigating away from it while the transfer is in progress will cut the connection off.

One at a time. While the NFC technology transfers files at a high speed, it currently does not support simultaneous transfer, which means that you can only transfer one file at a time irrespective of the type or the size.

Check other phone for NFC support. In case the transfer won’t push through whatever you do, double-check if the other device supports NFC. While many of the smartphone manufacturers started integrating the technology to their new devices, there are still other models that don’t support it.

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