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Newkia branding won’t appear on smartphones

The Newkia brand will not appear on forthcoming Android smartphones, according to the company’s founder and interim CEO Thomas Zilliacus in an interview with CNET Asia. Other names instead are being considered, although he chooses not to reveal any at the moment.

Newkia CEO Thomas Zilliacus
Newkia CEO Thomas Zilliacus

Zilliacus also dismissed rumors that he is interested in using operating systems other than Android, which is currently the world’s most popular mobile platform. He elucidated that the disadvantage of using Windows Phone 8, for instance, is that the number of apps available to it are limited. He also intimated that he is not interested in Sailfish OS, either.

Last week’s announcement that a former Nokia Asia Pacific CEO started a new company that sounds a lot like the name of the Finnish company generated a lot of buzz.  Zilliacus mentions that due to the high level of interest, he has received many job applications. Some of them came from Nokia employees that did not want to work for Microsoft. It would be recalled that Microsoft recently acquired Nokia, and such deal involved some 32,000 employees to be assigned to work for Microsoft.

The same interview revealed that Zillacus will be vacating the CEO position at Newkia for someone whose name Zillacus would not reveal. He assured CNET, however, that the new CEO would not be an unknown.

During the interview, Zilliacus also showed a  prototype MyOrigo handset which Nokia management rejected. Created ten years ago by Nokia engineers, the MyOrigo device shares some similarities with today’s mobile devices. It comes with a touchscreen and rotates the screen orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa, based on the position of the device. Applications may be installed on the handset, and plenty of settings can be customized. It also comes with a camera that takes photos.

Zilliacus says that the device was turned down because the management believed that the touchscreen would have plenty of smudges, something that they assumed consumers would dislike.

Photographed side by side with the Apple iPhone, the MyOrigo appears to have roughly the same width, but is several times thicker.

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