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New 4.4 Kitkat Android Advert Pokes fun at Apple


The ongoing rivalry between iOS and Android has spewed out pointless lawsuits, sales restrictions and attempts to bring down the other mobile OS at any cost, but one thing that has kept me interested is the way those in the mobile world have managed to poke fun at each other through TV commercials and social media posts.

The surprising new announcement for Android 4.4 Kitkat has brought forth a lot of chit-chat, but with that aside, Nestle know just how to announce their friendship with Android through a new commercial that clearly makes fun of the way Apple, and in particular Jonny Ives, announce their new products with meaningless buzzwords and technical blubber.

In the past we’ve seen various attempts to make fun of Apple by those on the Android train since Samsung’s and Apple’s hardware rivalries. Samsung has been at the head of the scene and has now made countless parody ads, marketing campaigns and other announcements that indirectly slate Apple.

Nokia and Microsoft have even tried to get involved with the games by releasing their own commercial that makes fun at the rivalry between Apple and Android fanboys.

I’m glad to see that rival companies can have a laugh like this and hopefully we’ll see more of this kind of rivalry in the future instead of the lawsuit kind.

You can watch the Kitkat Android advert below.

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