New Gmail update for Android bringing ads and some new features

Gmail Logo

Google will be issuing a new 4.6 update to the popular Gmail app on Android later this week and according to the leaked changelog, it will bring support for newer ads. Ads have been available on Google’s products for quite some time now and Google will take it to the next level with the Gmail app. These ads will apparently be displayed in the form of emails which the users can then save, forward to their friends or simply delete. Gmail on Android already has the Promotions tab which shows deals or similar ads to your liking, so we’re guessing this won’t exactly be the same.

Also new to the Gmail 4.6 app is the unsent mail error stored safely in the Sent items to notify users if the last email wasn’t sent. Google has also seemingly removed the Cancel button which appeared along with the Send button when sending an email. The app will bring some changes to your contacts and the way their emails are displayed in the notifications bar. If your contact has no picture, you will now see the first alphabet of their name like in the actual Gmail app instead of a blank picture. So it seems like the Gmail 4.6 update will bring forth plenty of new changes to the system along with the nagging ads.

Source: Android Police

Via: 9 to 5 Gooogle