New Android 4.4 screenshots leaked

Android 4.4 Screenshot

A bunch of new screenshots of Android 4.4 have leaked out showing off a new dialer and messaging app. The leak comes from 9to5Mac and appears to be very legitimate as it matches perfectly with the Android 4.4 leak from a couple of days ago. The dialer app shown in the leaked screenshot has a lighter background in contrast to the current Android 4.3 dialer. The messaging app has gone through some changes as well with a new icon and a revamped UI. Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg for now as we are still waiting for a full change log from Google when the OS is made official.

The leak also reveals the new home screen with relatively smaller and redesigned icons for Google’s native apps. There’s also confirmation of the Android version it’s running with an image of the About Phone page. With these leaks, it is safe to assume that we’re getting warmer towards the official release of Android 4.4. The newest version of Android will be unveiled with the LG Nexus 5 and the ASUS Nexus 10 on October 14.

Source: 9to5Google