Motorola DVX makes its way to the FCC

Motorola DVX

The Motorola DVX also known as the low cost Moto X, has been spotted at the FCC with all the traditional markings required for a certification. The filing reveals three devices known as the XT1032, XT1033, and XT1035, which could well be variants of the low cost Moto X for emerging markets.

A user on Reddit decided to do some research and found out that a few online retailers in the UK had already made necessary arrangements for the arrival of the smartphone. And since Motorola doesn’t have a lot of smartphones lined up for launch, it’s fair to assume that what we have here is the low cost Moto X. The user further found that the prices for this smartphone in the UK wouldn’t exceed $234 for the high end variant. Of course, the prices could come further down when it arrives in the U.S. through prepaid carriers.

We recently came across a leak of the smartphone which showed replaceable back panels. Apart from this, the smartphone could also feature a slightly underwhelming specs sheet to justify the price cut.

Source: FCC

Via: Phone Arena