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Motorola Droid Maxx Developer Edition goes on sale for $649.99

Droid Maxx Developer Edition

Motorola has just launched the Droid Maxx Developer Edition smartphone on Verizon to satisfy all your root/custom ROM needs. Verizon smartphones traditionally don’t come with unlocked bootloaders, which is why the carrier began launching developer edition smartphones with all the tools essential for rooting and flashing new custom ROMs. Of course, the carrier will still warn users about potential damages to their devices, but it won’t force its will on you.

There aren’t a lot of visible changes with the Developer Edition Droid Maxx, except for the fact that Motorola will sell the smartphones directly through its online store as well. The smartphone retains the same Kevlar back and comes with the standard Verizon branding with the words “Developer Edition” etched right below it. Motorola also launched the Developer Edition Moto X for Verizon earlier today.

Verizon is charging $649.99 for the Developer Edition Droid Maxx, which is a lot to pay for a smartphone up ahead. But this is a sacrifice which the developers will be willing to make to get a smartphone free of carrier restrictions.

Source: Motorola

Via: Android Central

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