Moto X shipping 100,000 units per week


Despite some saying the Moto X could not get off the ground, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has announced the company is now shipping over 100,000 units per week, a positive sign the plan is working.

Motorola has banked on customisations and the ‘Made In America’ slogan winning over fans in the US. The labor cost associated with assembling in the US is triple what it would be in China, but the Moto X only costs $221 per unit and does not deal with overseas shipping costs.

Even though 100,000 units a week may not trump the likes of Apple or Samsung when they launch a smartphone, we must remember the Moto X is only available in two countries and the Moto Maker is only available on one carrier, AT&T.

Motorola may be capable of making about five million sales with the Moto X – according to some analysts. This would be an incredible number with the lack of markets and we may see even more buyers once the Moto Maker is available to every carrier.

This shows that even with the higher-price, average consumers are interested in the new smartphone. It looks great, has extensive battery life and software features the user actually wants to use, not gimmicks Samsung keeps spewing out.


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