Moto X available now on US Cellular for $124.99



The Moto X is starting to see price cuts across the board, with this early push to get as many units sold before the Moto Maker is available on all carriers, not just AT&T.

US Cellular has started selling the Moto X at $124.99 on a two year contract – this is a $75 drop on the original price. Some rumors say the Google Edition will come at $499 and US carriers will drop the price to $99 on contract, to boost sales.

The US Cellular deal is the best so far and even with the carriers small approach worldwide, we may see a big push by the carrier to gain traction with the Moto X. The phone is still a premium device and putting a $75 saving on the opening day could alarm consumers.

We still have no word on T-Mobile and Sprint, although the former has said the Moto X will be coming sometime in September for an undisclosed amount. The Moto X will also be available on T-Mobile’s JUMP upgrade system.

As for worldwide launch, Motorola is still keeping the facts hidden. Motorola did reply to a user on Facebook who commented on internationally availability, telling him to stay tuned for more news. The news may be the cheaper Moto X, expected to come to Europe.

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