Messaging app LINE coming to Samsung Galaxy Gear


Samsung has yet to grab the titan on cross-platform messaging WhatsApp, but LINE is a contender in the race and will be one of the first apps to launch on the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

The new smartwatch is a big attempt by Samsung to get early control of the market, with rumors of the iWatch and Sony hopping in on the scene, Samsung needs this early third party adoption to push the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung has yet to actually get the big two apps, Facebook and Twitter and has missed out on some other big names that would work well on a smartwatch, like Foursquare, Any.Do, Rise and other apps that would work with smartwatch functionality.

With Path, Evernote and Pocket the three major apps at the moment for the Galaxy Gear, LINE is a welcome addition to the seventy apps coming to the Galaxy Gear by the end of September. If the Galaxy Gear sells well, we may see huge adoption from third parties, especially from primary Android developers.

Samsung is making the Galaxy Gear more than just a smartwatch, with some of the apps like eBay and TripIt not having any notification functionality and working similar to a normal smartphone app.

Instead of offering the Galaxy Gear as a notification, alarm, time and quick information tool, Samsung is looking to make the Galaxy Gear something the user performs tasks on, we await the day when we see someone reading an article on the 1.63-inch display.


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