Maxthon web browser to be preloaded on 100M devices

The Maxthon web browser will be preloaded on 100 million smartphones and tablets next year. His is due to a new partnership with MediaTek, or more specifically, RollTech, MediaTek’s value-added services arm.

Maxthon web browser
Maxthon web browser

Maxthon and MediaTek

Taiwan-based MediaTek is currently one of the largest mobile chipset suppliers in the world. It currently supplies companies such as ZTE, TCL/Alcatel, Phillips, LGE, Konka, CKT, LavaMobile, and Konka. The mobile devices that these companies manufacture will eventually reach Russia, China, Latin America, Indonesia, and Thailand. This will give Maxthon a wide international reach for its browser, as it competes against Opera, Firefox, and UCWeb.

According to Maxthon, such target markets are significant because their consumers still do not have brand loyalty to particular browsers. They have also low Internet penetration. Thus, Maxthon, through the partnership, could gain new and potentially loyal customers. In addition, Maxthon says that these markets will possibly be where a billion of Internet users could emerge.

Meanwhile, RollTech’s interest in the partnership is due to the company’s mission to bring high performance services onto mobile devices. RollTech believes that Maxthon can provide this kind of service.

Maxthon’s background

In an interview with VentureBeat, Maxthon CEO Jeff Chen and General Manager Karl Mattson, revealed that the Maxthon web browser drew inspiration from games, as well as the shortcomings of other browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. The company received some funding, and constantly improved the product with tabs, cloud-based services, and memory management.

Maxthon’s edge

The Maxton web browser is said to be speedy as well as localized. It takes into account the web usage habits of its users, whether they prefer games like in Thailand, or social networking, like in Brazil. Being a cloud-based browser, Maxthon also allows users to sync across different platforms.

Maxthon Android Web Browser

If you are interested in trying out the Maxthon web browser, it is currently available for download on Google Play. According to its claims, it is optimized for 7-inch tablets. It has a bunch of notable features. Some of these are Reader Mode, which lets you remove ads and change text formatting; Cloud Push, which sends SMS, photos, links, and tabs to any device which has a Maxthon account; My Cloud Tabs, which syncs your tabs across multiple devices; and Private Browsing, which lets you browse without saving the websites you visited in the browser history.

via techcrunch, venturebeat