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LG D820 may be an LG G2 variant and not the new Nexus 5


The LG Nexus 5 was spotted on Google’s KitKat 4.4 video reveal a few days ago, something that has caused quite a controversy, with some saying it may have been staged by Google – to tease the new smartphone.

Whatever the case, Google removed the video hours after and the idea is that the new smartphone is being internally tested, for a full release sometime before the end of November this year.

Evleaks has pitched in with some pretty disappointing news, saying the LG D820 FCC filing is actually an LG G2 US variant and not the new Nexus 5. Looking back, it does seem very similar to the LG G2 and we did say this could be an option.

Normally new Nexus devices slip in unnoticed, but with the current barrage by journalists and leakers sweeping through the FCC filings, we are likely to see a new specs sheet uploaded in the coming weeks, unless Google hides the information.

It seems we have almost settled one argument, who the manufacturer will be for the new Nexus device. All rumors and leaks now point to LG, with only two rogue announcements of Motorola taking over development for the new Nexus smartphone.

LG is set to add a larger sensor, improved internals and a new larger screen to the Nexus 5, fitting with the design of the LG G2. The device should come for the same price as the Nexus 4 (without the recent price drop) and should be on some US carriers.

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