Letstalk selling the Verizon LG G2 for as low as $29.99

Letstalk Verizon LG G2

Online retailer Letstalk is now selling the Verizon LG G2 with a two year contract for only $29.99 for new customers or $79.99 for upgrading customers. This is an unbelievable bargain for a smartphone which has only recently been launched. It’s very rare to find a deal this good for a smartphone which hasn’t even been available for a couple of weeks. What’s better is that users get an additional $5 discount with the promo code letstalkpromo.

We’re hoping this isn’t an error form the guys at Letstalk, but some users have already benefited from this deal, which is confirmation of its legitimacy. Make sure you get in on the action as soon as possible before Letstalk changes its mind and decides to revoke your order.

The smartphone is currently available only on a selected few retailers with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile being the only sellers of the smartphone in the country. And if you’re getting the G2 directly from Verizon, it will still set you back by about $199.99.

Source: Letstalk

Via: Droid-Life