Intel Quark chips coming to next generation smartwatches and pills


In the wild world of processors and computer chips, Qualcomm has took a big lead in mobile, while Intel tries to hold the PC and move into tablets, mobile and with Intel Quark, smartwatches and medical pills.

With the move from small feature phones to larger smartphones, the size of chips has not varied much and the real push in innovation has came from the amount of power in the new mobile chips, overpowering cheap PC processors.

Now, with smartwatches and medical pills that use WiFi to connect and show what is inside a patients body, the need for smaller chips cannot be expressed enough. Intel Quark has this covered, with chips ten times as small as Intel Atom chips, powering low end PCs.

The Intel Quark chips do not fail when it comes to performance either, with the company saying they have ten times the power of the average Intel Atom chip. This means Intel has managed to add lots more power into a condensed experience, perfect for smaller devices.

Smartwatches are going to become a big franchise, with Samsung saying with every ten Galaxy Note 3 sales there should be about three Galaxy Gear sales, over three million users could have smartwatches by the end of the year.

Add to that the fact Google and Apple are both working on concepts for next year, plus any other companies thinking about making a jump into smartwatches and we have ourselves a big playing field Intel Quark could be valuable in.


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