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Instagram coming to Facebook Home suite


Facebook Home has had a rough start, with a few million downloads and quite a negative response, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes in the Android launcher and his company will be adding some new updates, integrating Instagram.

Instagram is still quite an independent app from Facebook, even though users can sign in through Facebook and easily upload photos to Facebook, it does not have the design aesthetic or the cluttered advertisement, although the latter is coming in 2014.

We are not sure how Facebook will integrate Instagram into the fold, whether user photos from Instagram will crop up on Cover Feed or if this is just a simple app installation; having Instagram in the suite without really enhancing it in any way.

Whatever the case, this could boost morale on Facebook Home, currently sitting an average 2.5 review rating. Instagram is a popular application on almost every platform it is compatible with and has a userbase of around 150 million.

Speaking on whether he thought Facebook Home was a failure, Zuckerberg tried to lighten the mood by talking about the positives of the suite, saying people “love Chat Heads” one of the features in the suite allowing circles to pop up on any app showing a Facebook message.

Parts of the Facebook Home suite work fine and deliver a great experience, the big problem is it all together. It takes away the breadth of Android and compacts it into a Facebook-centric OS, making getting to something non-Facebook a more frustrating task.


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