Humble Mobile Bundle 2 For Android Now Available

Do you want to get some great Android games on your device but don’t want to spend a lot? You could choose from some of the free games available at Google Play or you get the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 that’s now available.

The concept of Humble Bundle is unique. Instead of paying the full price for the games you decide how much you want to pay. You can even decide how your payment can be divided choosing among the different foundations, game developers and even the guys at Humble Bundle.

There are six games available in this second bundle for the Android platform. These games would normally cost about $32 but you can decide how much you are willing to spend. The titles are Star Command, Time Surfer, Punch Quest, and Bloons TD 5. If you pay more than the average purchase price which now stands at $4.53 you will be also be getting Ravensword: Shadowlands, and Carmageddon. All games are DRM-free and often also include the soundtrack.

Star Command

This game is making its Android debut at Humble Mobile Bundle 2. This title, which is a huge Kickstarter success, is described as a cross between Star Trek and Game Dev Story. You are in command of a spaceship with a crew and it’s your task to manage everything from building facilities, hiring new crew members, and battling hostile aliens.

Time Surfer

This is an endless runner type of game that’s done in retro 8-bit graphic style.

Punch Quest

You can relieve the glory of the arcade days with this fighting game that is controlled by taps with your left and right thumb. There are various attack moves you can deliver to monsters such as jab, uppercut, and slam just to name a few.

Bloons TD 5

This tower defense game will have you playing for countless hours. The reason why a lot of people are addicted to this game is because of its depth and replayability factor. There’s even a co-op mode available for you to play with your friend. You will be able to build various towers, get to upgrade them, hire special agents, and best of all destroy every invading Bloom.

Ravensword: Shadowlands

This is an RPG game set in a vast 3D world which you will be able to explore. The game has a deep storyline that requires you to solve the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas. This is definitely a must have title for those who are into RPG.


This classic game that was banned around the world is now available for the Android platform. You are in control of a car that lets you earn points whenever you hit cows and pedestrians. You will also have to take down your opponents who are also driving killing machines.

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