HTC’s month-over-month revenue fell by 16% in August


HTC’s poor run in the mobile industry has continued through August according to the company’s latest sales figures. According to these numbers, HTC’s revenue dipped by 16% in August compared to July and 56% compared to May. This is an alarming decline for HTC and something which couldn’t be avoided. Even though the Taiwanese manufacturer launched a stellar smartphone like the One, it couldn’t do a lot to steer the ship along. Handsets like the One Mini and the recently launched Desire line of smartphones can only do so much in the presence of Samsung and other Chinese manufacturers who maintain a stronghold in key Asian markets.

HTC tried turning things around somewhat by signing up Robert Downey Jr for its smartphones, but that can only do much in a short period of time. The company will now hope to make some damage with the rumored One Max phablet which is slated to launch this month. The company will have to rake in 60% more revenue compared to August in order to meet its Q3 estimates, which is looking near to impossible now.

Source: HTC

Via: Unwired View

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