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HTC violated two Nokia patents: ITC

The International Trade Commission (ITC) found that HTC violated two Nokia patents. The preliminary ruling was announced last Monday by Judge Thomas Pender.

HTC violated two Nokia patents
HTC violated two Nokia patents

According to the ruling, HTC infringed the following patents owned by Nokia:  7,415, 247 and 6,393, 260. The first one pertains to a method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving RF signals through various radio interfaces of communication systems. The second is for a method for attenuating spurious signals and receiver. The manufacturer, however, did not violate a third patent with number 5,884,190, referring to a method for making a data transmission connection from a computer to a mobile communication network for transmission of analog and/or digital signals.

The ruling was a result of a complaint that Nokia filed in May last year. The case, which was titled “Certain electronic devices, including mobile phones and tablet computers, and components thereof” (investigation 337-TA-847) was filed in Washington, DC. The Finland-based company also filed separate complaints against RIM and ViewSonic during such time.

According to the report, ITC may impose an import ban over several HTC devices as a result of the ruling. These devices include  the HTC Amaze 4G, the Inspire 4G, Flyer, Jetstream, Radar 4G, Rezound and Sensation 4G.

Pending resolution, however, is a second complaint that Nokia filed against HTC, particularly against the Taiwanese company’s flagship handset, the HTC One.

Nokia has expressed its satisfaction over the ITC ruling. In a statement, the company revealed that similar patent infringement cases have been filed against HTC in courts abroad, such as London, UK, Rome, Italy, and Dusseldorf, Germany.

The ruling, however, does not guarantee an import ban over the aforementioned HTC products. Both companies may still ask for a review of the decision. Florian Mueller, a patent expert, claims that HTC may even apply for a license for the patents from Nokia to settle the issue.

A full decision from the ITC is expected to be released in January 2014.

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