HTC One Camera Problem Confirmed By HTC

Several owners of the HTC One have been complaining of a problem with the camera of the device when they take photos. What happens is that during low light conditions there appears to be a red, blue, or purple noise when photos are taken.

It appears that this problem was first reported at the xda-developers forum last June with the thread already growing to more than 100 pages. The member who first reported it said that “my problem is that in night shots and very low light scenes, the camera turns the black into blue (or red in very very dark scenes). For example, I included some photos, on a dark street with only a few light posts it turns black areas into blurry blue. Yes, it lets in more light (and more natural looking light) than my old One X, but the black areas are blue.”

This isn’t an isolated case as a lot of people replied on the thread saying that they have encountered the same problem with their device. A poll started on the same thread shows that of the 388 who answered the question “Does your One have red/blue/purple noise in low light photos?” 328 answered  yes while only 60 answered no.

As a fix to this problem some owners say that reducing the ISO level solves the issue. Others have resorted to returning their units and having it replaced.

Italian blog site got to talk with HTC on this matter and the company confirmed that indeed there is a problem with the camera of the device and that they are working a fix on this.

If you own the HTC One you can check if this problem is present in your device by placing it heads down on a flat surface completely covering the camera. If you see any red, pink, blue, or purple noise then your unit is affected. You can either have it replaced with a new unit that hopefully does not have the same problem. You can also just wait for software update 4.3 which HTC says will resolve the camera issue.

via xda-developers theverge

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