How to Block Verizon Updates Successfully

block verizon updates
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If you happened to be running a rooted or unlocked Android phone, it is important for you to block Verizon updates that come over the air. This is because choosing to receive and install the updates will definitely screw up your apps or the overall system of your device. The worst thing that could come out of it is a bricked phone or a device which is robbed of all its functionality.

Surely, you don’t want the mentioned scenario to happen to your smartphone. So, here are ways to block Verizon updates whenever the carrier rolls out a new one:

1. Using Apps

One app that you can use which is recommended by many users is Titanium Backup. This can be installed to a rooted phone and its interface is very easy to understand and follow. You will be able to easily detect any incoming updates from your carrier and block them before they start installing their features using this. However, utilizing the full features of the app will cost you more or less $6.

Note that there are many other apps that you can use for this purpose. All you have to do is search for them in the Google Play store.

2. Manually Reject Updates

Now, if you do not want to spend some cash over an app, you could always do this manually. All you have to do is go to the Software Update option of your phone and perform a check by clicking the appropriate icon. After that, select the Reject button to block Verizon updates. Be very careful not to accidentally download any part of the update since this will prompt you from time to time to install it. It should be remembered that the way to access the options may differ depending on the software of your device but the sequence should be the same.

According to one post in the Android Central forums, you can also block Verizon updates while your phone is in Recovery Mode by choosing the option to postpone it. However, since you are only postponing it, you will be reminded of the update again in a few hours.

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