GSM version of Moto X Developer Edition now on sale for $649.99

Developer Edition Moto X

Developer Edition Moto X

Motorola has just begun selling the GSM version of the Developer Edition Moto X through its website for a price of $649.99. Motorola recently began selling the Developer Edition Droid Maxx and the Moto X through Verizon for the same price, so we’re not seeing anything different here in terms of price. The smartphone comes with an unlocked bootloader and 32GB of onboard storage. Both black and white color variants are available with the words Developer Edition etched at the back.

As far as features are concerned, you can expect all the standard Moto X features that we see in the regular variants. The listing mentions that the smartphone works well on T-Mobile and AT&T SIM cards, so there is plenty of support. But the important bit which is mentioned at the bottom is that the smartphone takes about 7 days to ship out of Motorola’s manufacturing unit, due to huge demand for the smartphone. At this point, there’s no word on retail availability of the smartphone, so customers will have to rely solely on this.

Source: Motorola

Via: Android Central

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  1. Republic wireless will be selling it for 300 dollars next month off contract, why would anyone but this phone anywhere else for double the price? Off contract from republic not 300 down..obviously they buy it from Motorola for under that and we know it costs 200 to make one.

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