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Google taking Glass on a countrywide tour

Google Glass

Google will be giving American users an opportunity to try out Glass for themselves without having to shell out big bucks. Google will be holding demonstrations around the country where users can check out Glass and  chat with the Google team about its functioning. Google will be stopping by at Durham, North Carolina first on the 5th of October at Bay 7 of the American Tobacco Campus from 10AM to 6PM. Users need to RSVP for the event beforehand, so if you belong to the nearby area, make sure you do. Google will also be touring other cities around the country, but the schedule for that hasn’t been finalized yet.

This countrywide tour is a good chance to check out Glass for people who have never seen the device in action before. Costing $1,500, Glass is out of the common man’s reach at the moment. But Google is preparing a much cheaper retail version of Glass for the masses which should be ready by next year. Until then, Google’s countrywide tours should suffice. Head over to this link to RSVP for the Durham event.

Source: Google Plus

Via: Android Beat

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