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Google Glass XE9 update removes the need for Bluetooth tethering


Google has added some new features into the XE9 update we have already went over, but one new feature added by the developers allows Glass users to tether but not in the traditional sense.

For Google Glass to work outside of a WiFi or hotspot, the user needs to pair the glasses with an Android smartphone and tether internet over Bluetooth, this can cause big data cost penalties from the carriers.

Google has almost reversed engineered a way to make sure Bluetooth tethering does not go through the carriers and incur charges, instead being able to pass data back and forth between the two devices with no charge to the user.

This is done through a companion app available on Android and Google Glass users will be notified the app is working by a status icon showing the data flowing back and forth.

With carriers trying to police and own everything on a smartphone, we may see some carriers lash out against this action from Google, as it will clearly lower the cost to a minimum for Glass users who like to run through Bluetooth tethering.

However, like in the FaceTime case for Apple against AT&T, this is simply a feature implemented for the user and should not be policed or exploited by the carrier. We doubt any will go to court over this matter, considering how small the Google Glass community is right now.

This could point to Google working on new ways to make Google Glass a viable change from the smartphone. Even though the cellular capabilities are still not able to have data flow without Bluetooth tethering on the smartphone, perhaps the retail version will offer an LTE version for $200 more.


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