Google Glass XE9 update arrives with Google app support and sound search


Google has released the XE9 update for Google Glass, one month after the XE8 update. The company is keeping quiet on release dates and public announcements, but behind the scenes they are building a vibrant ecosystem on Google Glass.

This new XE9 update adds in Google Apps sign-in support, new Google Cards, sound search and Vignettes. Google has also made minuet changes to the platform UI and some system functionality to make apps more fluid and responsive.


Google Glass will now allow users to essentially screenshot what is on their display when taking a photo and share it on various platforms. This will allow viewers to see what the Google Glass user was searching for as well as their view.

YouTube Video Search Results 

YouTube videos have been added to search results for handy situations where a how-to video may come in handy. It will also allow users to now find infinite cat videos when searching on Google. The team has also added functionality for playback on Google Glass, allowing the user to fast forward, rewind, pause and play.

Sound Search 

Think of this as Shazam for Google Glass, the user can long swipe forward and find out the sound. We are not sure how integrated this is with everything, it may just be able to pick up songs. We doubt if the user long swipes when there is birds around Google Glass will show search results on the type of bird, although that would be awesome.

Google Apps Sign In 

This is apparently one of the most requested features to be added in the XE9 update and it will allow users to sign into their Google services through their email account. Services like Gmail are working and some need refining before they are released on Google Glass.


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