Google Glass app store to be available in 2014 with public release


Google has never officially said a public release date for Google Glass is coming, even though co-founder Sergey Brin said he would love to see the augmented glasses on store shelves before the end of this year.

All statements and rumors seem to point away from the end of the year and more towards mid-2014. A few months ago Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt said Google Glass was about a year from public release.

It is likely Google will launch the Google Glass app store separate from the Google Play store. This means Glass users will only be able to download apps developed for the glasses and not phone ports. According to two new reports, this app store will be available around mid-2014.

The app store launch will apparently happen on the same day as the public release of Google Glass. The date is murky, some claim it will be early 2014 and others say it may come around this time next year. Considering the main annual event for Google is their I/O, we believe they may launch it at the conference, normally scheduled sometime in April.

With lots of developers sitting making apps for Google Glass and not being able to release them onto a store, it should be only a matter of time before Google decides to offer a store out and allow anyone to develop for Glass.


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