Google adding offline viewing to YouTube for Android and iOS


YouTube has announced a new feature for mobile on Android and iOS, allowing users to download their YouTube videos for a short period of time and then watch the video offline, when there is on reliable Internet connection to be found.

This feature has been added to some third party apps in the past, but YouTube cracked down on this feature as it was against the terms and conditions. It seems now YouTube has decided it is a fair feature and they may have just wanted to implemented on the first party app before any other apps added it.

There is a time limit after the video has downloaded, YouTube didn’t specify how long each video would be allowed to stay on the device, but we assume it is less than two days and maybe only a few hours.

With the video being offline it will be hard for YouTube to put a video advert before the video starts and since it is downloaded it will play on a Flash player or QuickTime for iOS users, meaning no image-ads either.

Unless Google can implement a way to keep advertisement even when viewing offline, YouTube may lose out a quite a bit of revenue from people always taking their videos offline, perhaps YouTube will set a limit or make sure they aren’t able to add queues of videos.

The feature is set to be implemented sometime in November.


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  1. How is this new again? Has not youtube app always had preloading, at least on android? I preload my “watch later” videos all the time.

    go to settings > preloading > check “preload watch later”

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