[Update 1X] Did Google Accidentally Show Off The Nexus 5 In Their Unveiling Of The KitKat Statue?


Hot off the announcement from Google announcing Android 4.4 KitKat, Google has posted their video of when they unveiled the usual new statue on their campus. Of course, this happens with every new Android OS name since Cupcake (1.6), so that’s normal. What’s not normal is what Google may have accidentally shown off in the nearly 1 minute video (which has since been mysteriously pulled).

The woman on the right is definitely holding a Nexus 4, but that’s been out for nearly a year so that’s fine. But the man on the left has a newly-designed Nexus.

The device looks simply like a smaller version of this year’s Nexus 7. No Nexus phone has had a big camera lens like this one before or had the “nexus” logo displayed sideways. If you look closely, you can see an LG logo on the bottom of the device, along with the usual certification logos.


That device certainly looks gorgeous. It will probably be the first smartphone to ship with Android 4.4 KitKat if the OS ships then. Rumors peg the next Nexus phone to arrive sometime in October, so a year after the Nexus 4. Now the question is: Will you buy this phone if it looks like this?

UPDATE: We found a copy of the video on “PDTalkinTech’s” YouTube channel. It’s a video capture of a video, but it’s unlikely Google will post the same video again, so it’s the best we’ve got (and it’s a really good screen cap). The device appears at 40 seconds in.

Source: The Android Google+ Page

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