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Gold HTC One spotted a few days after iPhone 5S reveal


Apple revealed three colors for the iPhone 5S, silver, space grey and champagne. A few days later, a leak has shown a very similar color on a HTC One assembly line unit, still needing parts.

The HTC One already has four colors available, black, silver, red and blue. The last two are only available from a limited amount of carriers and retailers around the world, with blue still only available in the US through Best Buy.

The gold option for the HTC One is similar to the iPhone 5S, but instead of caramel/champagne shade Apple has added, it looks like the HTC One will come with a shaded yellow, at least on the blurry leaked image.

With the huge amount of customisation options available with the Moto X, it looks like other companies want to offer more color. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C come with more color options and Samsung is adding more to the Galaxy S and Note line.

We do not know when the gold HTC One will arrive, with the vivid blue option just getting announced at IFA a week ago, we can see HTC holding off the launch for a few more months, perhaps it will launch it alongside the HTC One Max.

The HTC One is starting to grow old, with the original unit on the market in early May, it has been on the market for a good five months, give or take the first month where HTC couldn’t get it in stock.

However, it is still a wonderful smartphone and even though the Moto X and Galaxy Note 3 may be admirable opponents, the HTC One still takes the lead in our minds.


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